This is all my literally me characters, aka characters in media i saw and said "omg they are just like me fr"

Tamamo-Chan (Tamamo-Chan is a fox)

She is very silly just like me and puppybrained and is cool

Tuco Salamanca (Breaking Bad)

Pretty self explanatory I think

Ellie Williams (TLOU)

I am also a lesbian with bloodlust

Miwa (How Do We Relationship)

I am also a really depressed lesbian and I am socially awkward

Power (Chainsaw Man)

I am insane and I like blood a little too much and I only really like cats and I am a pathological liar

Roxanne Wolf (FNAF SB)

I am also egotistical while simultaniously being insecure as fuck

Shaquille o'neal

Think about it

Korone (Hololive)

puppygirl yip yip woof woof :3

This mouse

If i was a mouse i would look like this


It is literally based on myself so yea it is literally me

Jack Baker (Resident Evil)



I think yaoi is better than that book too


I am intimidating and scary

Retsuko (Aggretsuko)

I am also really angry

Jin Sakai (Ghost of Tsushima)

I abandoned my old lifestyle for a bad bitch thief too

Ethan Winters (Resident Evil)

I would let my wife stab me a little bit too

Winston Churchill


Marceline (Adventure Time)

My dad is pretty much satan and i hate the sun too

BMO (Adventure Time)

idk i just like him tbh

Mangle (FNAF)

I too am a little fucked up and have two heads